Yagi 9M16x2

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Directional
Price USD 242.00
Discount Price USD 239.00
Yagi 9M16x2 

The RocketM900 base station has found a perfect partner in Yagi 9M16x2 array antenna with 16dBi gain and 20+km coverage.

Quick Installation 

The Yagi 9M16x2 antenna is not that difficult to install at all, making it very use friendly. When you buy it, you can already have the kit so you can mount the antenna properly into the pole. There are also bolts to effectively secure the antenna in place. The Yagi 9M16x2 is also designed to work with the RocketM900, which is used as a base station. As soon as you attach the antenna, such base station then becomes a point-to-multipoint system, allowing you to share your Internet throughput to more devices and users. 


The Yagi 9M16x2 is an array antenna that is composed of smaller antennas. Thus, it performs better than a single antenna. It is also a high-gaining network device at 16dBi, covering around 20 kilometers. The cross-pol isolation is at 20 dB. You can use it to provide Internet throughput among complexes, buildings with different floors, and campuses. The yield also penetrates through barriers such as tall trees, buildings, walls, and ceilings. It has a speed of 90 or more mbps with a frequency range of 902 to 928 MHz. The H-pol and V-pol beam width are both 29 to 34 degrees. 

It also makes use of the integrated AirMax technology with TDMA protocol that enhances the proper utilization of bandwidth. It is a great complement to quality of service. It also offers scalability as the protocol is easy to manage, and you can work with hundreds of devices at one time. 


The array antenna has a dimension of 1,365 mm by 215 mm by 218 with weight of 2.5 kg. It has a wind load of 35 feet per pound at 100 miles per hour and the survivability level is 120 miles per hour. 

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