UniFi Outdoor 5

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: UniFi
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UniFi Outdoor 5 

A coffee shop, hotel, and school—what do these places, among others, have in common? They have become popular WiFi hotspots. Add more value into your business, be generous with your Internet signal, or build networks remotely with UniFi Outdoor 5. 

Higher Band Frequency 

The UniFi Outdoor 5 is truly a network model that is built to create, maintain, and distribute WiFi. As an access point from one fo the leading brands in network technologies Ubiquiti, the device operates on 5GHz band, which is known to have a more stable throughput because it experiences interference or noise lesser than the lower 2.4GHz. It comes with a pair of external omnidirectional antennas that pick up and transmit signals in 360 degrees, thereby increasing the space the access point covers. In fact, it has a good range of around 600 feet. 

The speed is up to 300 mbps, which means even if there are many people accessing the WiFi, the signal strength does not diminish and active users can enjoy multiple Internet activities including moderately heavy media streaming. 

Different Networking Options 

The UniFi Outdoor 5 is scalable and versatile so you can build or downgrade a network whenever necessary. It possesses an Ethernet port, which helps for bridging, allowing two or more LAN networks to be connected even if they are not physically found in the same location. It has auto DMX sensing technology, so it immediately adjusts itself and its settings depending on what kind of cable you are using. 

Easy-to-Use Software 

The UniFi Outdoor 5 arrives with a software CD you can install in either Windows PC or Mac. It is integral to the management of the device and a part of the network. Once installed, you can now monitor the condition of the access point in real time through your preferred browser.

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