Sector AirMax 5G17-90

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Base Stations
Price USD 80.00
Discount Price USD 75.00
Sector AirMax 5G17-90 

Does your base station need a good push? If you’re trying to cover a farther area without reducing or drastically affecting the Internet throughput, you can use the Sector AirMax 5G17-90 antenna. 

Reliable Antenna 

This sector antenna uses a 2x2 MIMO technology with dual linear polarity, which is a great setup for wireless network as the coverage is far and wide. It has a cross-pol isolation rate of 22dB minimum and H-pol beam width of 72 degrees. The V-pol beam width, meanwhile, is 93 degrees. The elevation beam width is 8 degrees and the electrical downtilt is 4 degrees. It can work to around 15 kilometers. 

Higher Frequency Range 

The Sector AirMax 5G17-90 antenna has a higher frequency range of between 4.90 and 5.90GHz. This range is considered ideal if you want a more consistent throughput since it is usually uncluttered or doesn’t have a lot of noise which can then cause regular interference. 


The antenna has a dimension of 14.5 by 2.5 by 1.6 inches. It weighs only 2.4 pounds. Even if it’s small, it is very stable. Besides the brackets and jumpers that keep it secure, the carrier-class antenna also has a wind load of 120 miles per hour, so even if there’s a very strong wind or storm, provided electricity is available, you can still connect yourself online and broadcast wireless network. 

Easy Use 

Despite its name, the Sector AirMax 5G17-90 antenna is very easy to use and designed to work perfectly with the rest of the wireless network technologies such as the base station Rocket M5. It comes with its own mating bracket, which makes attaching the antenna a lot faster and more convenient. The bundle also has some RF jumpers that are all weatherproof to prevent undue damage onto the antenna and even to the base station, especially if the weather is awful.

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