RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Routerboards
Price USD 71.00
Discount Price USD 70.00
RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD 

Measuring only 4.13 inches in length and width and weighing no more than 70 grams, the RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD proves itself to be a beautifully designed and handy integrated wireless device. Because it’s small and compact, it’s very easy to add to any existing wireless network. It also doesn’t demand a lot of space, and it may be physically configured in different ways. 

High-power Wireless Device 

The RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD currently runs on AR9342 Atheros CPU chipset, which has a fast speed of 600MHz. It is further complemented by an onboard memory of 64MB DDR2. It supports various wireless standards and connects at 5GHz, which is preferred by many these days because it doesn’t experience a lot of interference. Fast connection is, moreover, promoted through its one Ethernet port with gigabit speed, making transfers of large data files a lot easier and faster. The port also includes an auto MDI/X protocol, so it’s able to detect the type of cable you need without any hassle. 

Extensive Reach 

The wireless router generates around 1,000mW output. With it, you can now broadcast your wireless standard to far distances. Although it’s small, the RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD has a reach that is as comparable as the bigger counterparts. 

Surge Protection 

Worried about sudden electrical load? You don’t have to now as the RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD has its own ESD surge protector. Even if the device is located indoors, it can still be affected by an increase in electric discharge especially if it’s connected to an outdoor cable. The protector doesn’t just protect your device but also secures your files and data transmission from sudden interruption. 

RouterOS L4 

The RouterBoard 912UAG-5HPnD has a pre-installed RouterOS L4, allowing the device to also act as a bridge or an access point. It enjoys up to 15 days of initial configuration support and compatibility with different protocols like BGP, OSPF, and RIP.

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