RouterBoard 800

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Routerboards
Price USD 301.00
Discount Price USD 300.00
RouterBoard 800 

With the RouterBoard 800, you can easily and quickly build both wired and wireless network. It has one miniPCI-e slot, which makes it compatible with the newer and future network devices. There are also 4 mini-PCI slots as well as three Ethernet ports that are already gigabit. This means that they have faster data transmissions or speeds, making them highly ideal if you’re dealing with large data files. There’s also a compact flash slot and, most of all, a pair of daughterboard connectors you can use if you need more ports for your wired and wireless devices. All ports follow the MDI-X protocol, which means that it easily detects the kind of cable you’re using, thus speeding up the installation process. It also utilizes passive PoE with 802.3af support to deal with fewer wires. RouterBoard 800 makes sure that you can have an efficient and reliable network system in no time. 

Level 6 License 

The RouterOS L6, which is a pre-installed operating system of RouterBoard 800, is one of the most advanced among the 6 license levels. This allows the platform to act as a controller. You get up to 30 days of full e-mail configuration support, and the router can be used as a wireless client, bridge, or access point, especially if you need to connect a lot of devices as well as users simultaneously. You can also make use of unlimited EoIP, PPPoE, PPTP, and LT2P tunnels. VLAN interfaces and OVPN tunnels are also unlimited. The routing system guarantees unlimited active hotspot active users, queues, and user manager active sessions. 

Excellent CPU 

Much of its excellent performance can also be attributed to its highly technological central processing unit, which follows PPC architecture and with a clock speed of up to 800MHz. It is supported with 256MB RAM and NAND storage.

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