RouterBoard 750UP

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Routers
Price USD 54.00
Discount Price USD 53.00

Are you currently building your own small or home office unit? Then you need certain networking technologies to make sure you can share connectivity to PCs of your staff. The RouterBoard 750UP is an efficient and low-cost solution you can choose.


The router has a dimension of 113 by 89 by 28 mm only. It weighs less than 135 grams without the cables. The compact and small device make s it easy to handle and less intimidating to use especially by someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with IT or network devices. It also doesn’t demand a lot of space. 

Sleek Design 

The RB750UP comes with a white plastic case that offers enough protection to many of its delicate parts. It also tends to increase aesthetics by allowing a network-oriented device to fit perfectly with the rest of the items found within its surroundings, especially within a small office or home office. 


Some of the ports can accept devices that are compatible with power over Ethernet. This means that you don’t need to look for more outlets or deal with more cables before you can eventually run them. The RB750UP supplies the same amount of power it needs in order to run. 

Ethernet Ports 

The RB750UP has 5 Ethernet ports, which means it provides flexiblity when it comes to networking schemes. You can add other devices including media into the mix and share Internet speed with them. There’s also a USB port, which is great for attaching devices for storage or transfer of large files. You can aso share content from the storage device within the network. The ports are all shielded to greatly reduce the interference. 


The RB750UP is a low-cost 5-port router that is equipped with 32MB RAM, AR7241 core processor with 400MHz speed, and RouterOS L4.

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