RouterBoard 433GL

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Routerboards
Price USD 122.00
Discount Price USD 121.00
RouterBoard 433GL 

Do you want to create more network connections and share the Internet wirelessly at a broader coverage? You can upgrade to RouterBoard 433GL. It’s several times better than its predecessor, RouterBoard 433L, but without the huge increase in cost. Thus, it’s an upgrade that gives a lot of value for money. 

Easy Expansion 

The Routerboard 433GL promotes a very convenient and fast buildup of network. It comes with 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 USB port, and 3 miniPCI slots. Simply put, you can introduce more multimedia applications and devices later on, share printers and other devices wirelessly with great ease, and let the entire home or office enjoy high-speed Internet connection. The Gigabit Ethernet ports are also backward compatible to both 10 and 100 mbps so you can run legacy devices with no issue. Moreover, the Routerboard 433GL may be used as a firewall, wireless backhaul, or an access point. It comes with 128MB RAM and 3 LAN ports. 

RouterOS Level 5 

The Routerboard 433GL has a pre-installed license 5 RouterOS that can be upgraded to ROS v7.x at no extra cost. This also entitles you with up to 30 days full configuration support from the technical team through e-mail. The OS lets you maximize the use of the device, making it into a wireless access point and bridge. It supports different protocols such as OSPF and RIP, as well as PPPoE, L2TP, and PPTP, which have been increased to 500 (RouterBoard 433L offers only 200). OVPN tunnels are now unlimited along with VLAN interfaces. 

It is compatible with RADIUS client for user or device authentication and may be created into a web proxy for maximum privacy and security. It limits hotspot active users to 500 and user manager active sessions to 50. 

Atheros 7161 

The Atheros 7161 is a first-generation processor that is very flexible and easy to integrate and adjust to various network schemes.

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