RocketDish 5G34

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Directional
Price USD 335.00
Discount Price USD 330.00
RocketDish 5G34 

The RocketDish antenna is highly ideal for point-to-point networking - that is, if you want to have two networks and systems communicating each other more effectively. And just like most of the bridging applications designed by Ubiquiti Network, this one stands out for its added advanced features, making it a manageable, reliable, and cost-efficient tool to have. 

Awesome Performance 

The RocketDish 5G34 works seamlessly with Rocket M devices. They broadcast through a frequency of 4.90 to 5.90, which is considered cleaner because it doesn’t have a lot of interference, noise, or clutter. There’s hardly anything that restricts the proper flow of the wireless transmission. It has a very high gain of more than 34dBi, which means it has a far reach. With it, you can connect two separate buildings with multiple floors with no problem. As a dual-linear polarization, you can set this up either vertically or horizontally. The beam width for both remains at 3 degrees. It also uses MIMO technology to allow it to increase its throughput. 

Lastly, it uses the AirMax technology, which is famous for its flexibility or scalability. As a user, you can have a lot of control as to its bandwidth allocation, giving you more power over reducing latency. You can then pair this with QoS so you can have a much clearer transmission. 

Quick Setup 

At first glance, the RocketDish may be intimidating, but it’s quick and convenient to work with. All the parts needed for its installation are already found in the package. These include RF jumpers that are weatherproof and mating brackets, so you can easily attach this to a Rocket M. 

Durability and Protection 

RocketDish 5G34 measures 38.3 inches in diameter with a wind load of 256 pounds at 100 miles per hour. It has a wind survivability rate of 125 miles per hour. Nevertheless, you can make this even stronger by adding a Radome that conceals the antenna from prying eyes and increases the wind load.

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