Rocket M9

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Rockets & Bullets
Price USD 151.00
Discount Price USD 145.00
Rocket M9 

Rocket M9 is a versatile, high-performance, rugged networking solution that can easily meet your needs and budget. 

Rugged Design 

The Rocket M9 is truly meant for the outdoors as it can survive different kinds of environmental conditions. It is also designed with a plastic enclosure with UV stabilizer to ensure that long-term sunlight exposure does not cause premature damage on the device. It also has a pair of waterproof RPSMA RF connectors. It’s sleek and compact—very easy to add into your existing wireless network. It may also be used as your foundation for creating one. It has an operating temperature of no less than -30 degrees Celsius and higher than 75 degrees Celsius. 

2x2 AirMax MIMO Technology 

The device is also powered by AirMax technology that provides the right power and control to the user when it comes to Internet throughput and latency, among others. It delivers around 150 mbps of Internet speed that the is proven to be sufficient for a wide array of applications or functions, including but not limited to video streaming, using VOIP such as Skype, instant messaging, e-mailing, and browsing. It comes with a 400MHz Atheros MIPS 24KC processor, 8MB NAND Flash, and 64MB SDRAM. 

Different Uses 

The Rocket M9 may be used as an access point when you want to broadcast the connection it receives to a bigger area and to more people. It can also be set up as a PtP (point to point) solution among LAN networks even if they are not physically near each other. It is compatible with Rocket antennas that further improve the range or the coverage. Installing both is easy because of its snap attachment process. Both don’t require special tools during set up. A pole mounting kit is provided to give Rocket M900 more stability.

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