Rocket M2 Titanium

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Rockets & Bullets
Price USD 215.00
Discount Price USD 213.00
Rocket M2 Titanium 

The Rocket M2 Titanium works very similarly to Rocket M5 minus the GPS capabilities. Nevertheless, the Rocket M2 is just as robust, reliable, and effective as its relative in the Titanium series. 

It’s designed to be very tough as the body is made from die-cast aluminum. It measures 160 mm in length, 80 mm in width, and 44 mm in height and weighs 350 grams—in other words, it’s light, convenient to move around, and easy to install. It uses weatherproof jumpers that help prevent any unnecessary damage to Rocket M2 Titanium. 

There are LED indicators that provide accurate and real-time information on the general condition of the device, especially on certain functions. You can also customize them depending on your personalized antenna signals or configurations. 


The Rocket M2 Titanium is based on AirMax technology, which uses TDMA protocol that makes the device truly scalable or adjustable according to your needs, number of users and devices connected, and other preferences. It helps you manage latency and throughput more effectively and is a great support for the intelligent QoS, which lets you identify activities that need bandwidth more bandwidth and allocate Internet throughput to them. The AirMax also boosts the distance covered up to 50+ kilometers with a speed of 150+ mbps. The antenna is a 2x2 MIMO dual-linear device. 


The wireless radio can be used alongside other RocketM devices, so you can create various network topologies or deployments. The Rocket M2 Titanium can also run alongside sector and RocketDish antennas, among others. The antennas are quickly attached by merely snapping them onto the wireless radio. The antenna kit also includes the needed pole mounting kits for more security. 


The RocketM2 Titanium wireless radio can be configured and managed using the AirOS software, which offers protocol support, ACK auto timing, channel shifting, and spectral width adjustment.

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