RB450 case

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Enclosures
Price USD 21.95
Discount Price USD 20.95
RB450 Case 

The RB450 indoor case comes with a beautiful contemporary design that makes it sophisticated, polished, and professional looking. It isn’t a sight for sore eyes. Rather, it adds aesthetics to your networking system. You wouldn’t mind having friends and family see it just around the corner or in your home office. 

Plenty of Ports 

The indoor case has several ports where you can add your LAN and Ethernet ports. There’s also a hole for the power supply. When you need to place them in a case, all you have to do is to insert them to any of the properly labeled hose, and you’re good to go. 

Ample Protection and Organization 

One of the main purposes of the RB450 indoor case is to offer protection to the wires and cables, whose tips, though secure, can sometimes get sensitive, rendering them less efficient. The indoor case, moreover, also creates organization, considering you can be dealing with multiple wires and cables as you build your wireless network.

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  • Ubiquiti
  • MikroTik
  • Cisco