PowerBridge M3

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Directional
Price USD 375.00
Discount Price USD 371.00
PowerBridge M3 

Do you have existing networks that need to be connected? You can install PowerBridge M3, one of the value-for-money, effective AirMax bridge. 

Robust Design 

The PowerBridge M3 comes with a white durable enclosure that protects the critical components of the device and ensures its longevity. In the process, you’re able to enjoy higher returns for your investment since maintenance is very low. It is designed to be weatherproof, which is necessary since this is often installed outside the home. 

Long-range Antenna 

One of the main secrets of the PowerBridge M3 is the antenna, which is long range. It is a dual-polarity antenna with a gain of 20dBi, which is considered ideal in the industry. Simply put, the quality of the Internet you get even from a long distance remains at its optimum. In fact, it can reach up to more than 20 kilometers. It’s one of the most dependable devices when you’re dealing with two or more networks located at separate places that are within the range. It has a cross-pol isolation rate of minimum 28dB. The H-pol beam width is 13.5 degrees; so are the V-pol beam width and the elevation beam width. 

High Internet Throughput 

The outdoor bridge uses Atheros MIPS 24KC at a speed of 400MHz, 8MB Flash, and 64MB SDRAM. It has a maximum throughput of 150 mbps, which is sufficient to cover some of the most common Internet activities, including media streaming and transfer of large files. The frequency, meanwhile, is around 3 to 3.3GHz, which has lesser interference or noise than 2.4GHz, which is typically used by a lot of devices including microwave ovens. 


The PowerBridge M3 works alongside helpful applications such as AirControl that allows you to manage several devices at one time through a centralized panel with an understandable graphical user interface.

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