MikroTik RouterOS Level 6

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Licences
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MikroTik RouterOs Level 6 

MikroTik has so far come up with 6 license levels of its RouterOS, the operating system that is pre-installed in its devices such as routers, bridges, and access points. One of these is L6. Unlike the other previous licenses, which act as wireless Internet service providers, L6 is designated as controller and has therefore a much better relationship with the other parts of the network. It also comes with unparalleled features and benefits: 


The L6 can be upgraded to ROS v.7x, though you can retain the existing license level for the rest of the device‚Äôs life. On the other hand, L3 and L4 can be upgraded to L6 (L3, however, is currently sold in volume only). 

Initial Configuration Support 

MikroTik provides up to 30 days of great configuration support through e-mails. You can count on their expert customer service guiding you as you make the upgrade or introduce the brand-new operating system into the device. Needless to say, the operating system has been designed to be very easy to install and manage. 


Devices that are installed with RouterOS L6 can also be used as an access point to help broadcast the Internet signal wirelessly and to different locations, bridge to help various LAN networks communication, as well as a wireless client. It also supports different kinds of protocols, namely, RIP, BGP, and OSPF, as well as tunnels such as EoIP, PPTP, and PPYP. You can also create unlimited VLAN interfaces. 

Security and Networking 

RouterOS L6 works without putting any limit to the HotSpot active users. You can also have unlimited queues and run a web proxy to make the network and connection invisible. It is compatible with RADIUS client, which is helpful when you want to authenticate logins. These further protect the privacy of online users. 

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