MikroTik RouterOS Level 4

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Licences
Price USD 35.00
Discount Price USD 33.00
MikroTik RouterOS Level 4 

When you buy a RouterBoard device, it comes with a license that is already pre-installed. The level depends on the actual component you have purchased. For the protection of the RouterBoard device as well as to secure your warranty, you’re not allowed to do anything, worse tamper, the license. As a user, you’ll be provided with a license key you need to input to properly install the operating system. Nevertheless, you’re expected to upgrade whenever necessary. 

If you’re using MikroTik RouterOS Level 4 or want to upgrade to it, here are some features you can take advantage of: 

Half a Month of Full Configuration Support 

If you’re been upgrading other operating systems and firmware, updating the MikroTik RouterOS Level 4 should never be a worry. The guides are also provided to you. However, the company ensures that you are not having going to have a hard time at all. Hence, using the license for the first time guarantees you with up to 15 days of full customer and technical support via e-mail. 

Various Routing and Networking Schemes 

The basic setup of a network includes a PC, a router that broadcasts Internet signal, and a number of mobile devices. However, as more people and establishments prefer to connect themselves into a larger network, there is a need to create more complex routing systems. The MikroTik RouterOS Level 4 makes it more convenient by giving you a lot of options. You can make use of different protocols like RIP and BGP, as well as tunnels such as EoIP, PPTP, L2TP, and OVPN. You’re also allowed to set up unlimited interfaces for VLAN. 

Privacy and Security 

You can now fully secure your WiFi network with MikroTik RouterOS Level 4 since it offers support RADIUS client for device and user authentication, P2P firewall, and web proxy. You can also accept unlimited KVM guests and limited user manager active sessions to 20

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