Groove A-52HPn

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Antennas
Price USD 65.00
Discount Price USD 63.00
Groove A-52HPn 

You can definitely do more with WiFi. Groove A-52HPn, a great upgrade of 5Hn, delivers 802.11 a/b/g/n of wireless radio with a potential throughput of 125mb while acting as either a CPE or an AP. You can select working frequency 2.4GHz or 5Ghz 

RouterOS Level 4 License 

Groove A-5Hn doesn’t just work for CPEs, but it also does with the rest of your wired network. As a CPE compatible device, you can attach it to other technologies such as the televisions running on satellites, routers, and even base stations of the VOIP. But since this is also an upgrade of 5Hn, it also functions as a wireless access point, so you can share the increased WiFi signal to your other wired networks and devices that may rely on WiFi. 

Fast and Efficient Installation 

As one of the smallest outdoor devices ever designed by MicroTik, it is very easy to handle and install in your antenna or antenna cable. The N-male connector does it for you. It also has a number of pole mounting points, and the bundle already comes with a mounting loop to ensure you can fully secure it. It possesses 1 LAN port, which has to be facing downward. 


To make sure that you can use this for many years, the Groove A-5Hn is completely weather proof, so even when it’s winter or there’s heavy rain, you can still pick up good WiFi signals that could be coming from miles away. That’s such a huge feat for a very small device. This is further enhanced by the integration of the RouterOS for smooth and easy manipulation of the settings. 


Groove A-52HPn measures only 177mm by 44mm by 44mm and weighs roughly 193 grams. You won’t find it a hard time to attach it to any recognize CPE or use as a wireless access point. It is convenient and fast to install, and should you change CPE subscription, you can move the RouterBOARD without any issues.

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  • Ubiquiti
  • MikroTik
  • Cisco