Groove 52HPn

Brand: MikroTik
Type of product: Antennas
Price USD 72.00
Discount Price USD 69.00
Groove 52HPn 

Does your WiFi signal need a good boost? You can do that even without strong background in wireless Internet connection with the latest revolutionary product of Mikrotikc aleld Groove 52HPn. 

Strong WiFi Connection 

The Groove 52HPn makes use of the powerful RSHPn Mikrotik MiniPCI card, which can increase the throughput to an amazing 125mb. The 1x1 MIMO technology means it has a higher noise to signal ratio, thereby increasing the speed of data transmission. 

RouterOS Level 3 License 

The device has been created and approved for use with a RouterOS Level 3 license, so it fully supports all pieces of equipment that are deemed CPE (customer premises equipment) such as routers, base stations for VOIPs, set-top boxes of satellite televisions, and DSL lines. To get a wireless access point support, upgrade to Groove A-52HPn. 

Easy Installation 

Groove 52HPn is a no-brainer as far as the installation process is concerned. It comes with an N-male connector that works in either the antenna cable or the antenna itself. It also includes several points for pole mounting for quick and efficient mounting on poles or masts that are rounded. If you need to tighten the attachment, the package already includes some mounting loops. You simply have to ensure that the Ethernet ports are facing downward. 

Unquestionable Durability 

The Groove 52HPn has been designed to be weather-proof. This simply means that it is more long lasting, more stable, and more reliable than other WiFi radios in the market, besting even weather-resistant devices. This also means that you’re able to get a much higher value for your money as Groove 52HPn lasts for a very long time. 


This is part of the smallest outdoor series of MikroTik. It is very portable, lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and convenient to transfer to other CPEs. There’s no need to call on technical assistance for removal and reinstallation at all.

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