Bullet M5

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Rockets & Bullets
Price USD 74.00
Discount Price USD 70.00
Bullet M5 

The Bullet 5 wireless radio offer 802.11 a/n support and works with various antennas for maximum Internet throughput and reach. 

802.11a/n Support 

The Bullet M5 has been designed to work with the latest wireless Internet standard known as N technology. This makes the entire system more prepared to handle future devices. Nevertheless, it also has great backward compatibility support. 

Compatibility with Different Antennas 

The wireless radio includes an RF connector that you can use to transform the device into a client bridge when you need to create two points located at different directions. You can also create a point-to-multipoint configuration—that is, you can share your wireless network and connection to a lot of users and devices at one time. 

The Bullet M5 has a frequency of 5GHz and uses certain technologies such as AirMax, which makes the device more scalable as you can adjust both the throughput and the latency depending on how many devices and users are attached to the network. There’s also the TDMA base station technology, which complements the quality of service. 

It works with different types of antennas, boosting its range to as much as 50 kilometers. The Bullet M5 therefore is highly recommended when you’re creating a reliable network for small communities, offices, and campuses. 


The wireless radio is a very strong or durable device. It’s built for outdoor use with its UV stabilized plastic case. It operates perfectly at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. 

AirOS Software 

The Bullet M5 runs alongside AirOS software, which is provided through a CD. The intuitive interface is very easy to utilize and can be dependent on a number of tasks such as protocol support and channelization of the wireless radio. You can also use the AirControl interface so you’ll be able to manage both the networks and devices via its web-based access.

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