Bullet 2

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Rockets & Bullets
Price USD 45.00
Discount Price USD 39.00
Bullet 2 

Are you tired dealing with a lot of wires? The more wires to work with, the more cluttered a networking system looks like and the more you are prone to committing mistakes. Thus, it is definitely good news that there is Bullet 2, one of the specially designed outdoor wireless radio device that is intended for an access point or as a CPE. There are almost no wires with this one—it is simply plug and play. As soon as you have connected this, you are already good to go. It simply has an included RF connector to attach this to the antenna. 

Great Specs 

Ubiquiti Network has made sure that it is fitted with top-of-the-line chipset and memory drives. The device runs on the Atheros chipset at a speed of 180MHz. It also supports the MIPS 4KC architecture. It is then complemented by a 4MB NAND Flash and a 16MB SDRAM. There is one RJ-45 (Cat 5) Cable. It is RoHS compliant, so it is very safe to use and is of industry standard. It is PoE ready as well. The adapter is sold separately. 

Connection to Different Networks 

The Bullet 2 can be used to serve as a bridge between two networks that are located in separate areas. Nevertheless, it can also be customized to handle communication between a network and access point or an access point to another CPE. This show of versatility makes it a fantastic addition to your present networking system. 

Good Range 

The fact that it’s able to let two or more devices communicate effectively even if they’re not found in the same place is a testament of its effectiveness when it comes to transmitting signals in a broader range. In fact, it is used in trucks and boats that may need a reliable Internet connection when they’re on the move.

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