AirGrid M2 16dBi

Brand: Ubiquiti
Type of product: Directional
Price USD 65.33
Discount Price USD 60.00
AirGrid M2 16dBi 

The AirGrid M2 s a carrier-class technology that has a 16dBi performance, a PoE injector, and 600mW power, giving it a great reach. It also runs on Atheros MIPS 24KC at 400MHz, 8MB Flash, and 32MB SDRAM. 


As far as the antenna’s polarization is concerned, it can be configured in two ways: vertical or horizontal. This type of flexibility ensures that you can have the most ideal setup that helps generate the best transmission. It also allows you to easily integrate it to your existing network systems without compromising their present configurations. 


The AirGrid M2 16dBi has been developed to sustain itself even amid harsh weather conditions. Most of the critical components are weatherproof. It is also equipped with LEDs as indicators, providing you with information on the present status or condition of the device. You can install surge protectors in order to prevent irreparable damage caused by a sudden spike of electrical discharge. It can operate at temperatures from -30 degrees to 75 degrees Celsius. 

TDMA Protocols 

The antenna makes use of the TDMA protocols, making it scalable—its performance can be customized to accommodate your growing needs. This makes the entire system more efficient and productive, as well as reliable over a long-term period. As a carrier-class technology, this unit performs a lot better than the other ones and is highly recommended for a point-to-multipoint setup. 

AirMax and AirControl 

When you get the system, it includes a software CD with the AirControl program. One of its main uses is to help you effectively manage the performance of the antenna by letting you have more control on its transmission, what it receives and sends on air, among others. With it too a user can connect the antenna to hundreds of devices and manage all of them with great ease.

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