About Us

SatLink Pvt Ltd was established in April of 2009 by now we are one of the market leading IT Solutions provider and the biggest 3rd party WISP ( Wireless Internet Service Provider ) in Maldives. We design and build IT Core Networks , Large Scale Wireless networks and CATV end to end solution, and IPTV solutions, this enable, Pay per view (PPV), Video on demand (VOD), Internet, TV studios, surveillance, most of the solutions are runs on Fiber-optic and UBNT distribution systems. Our Engineers has been serving the world of Total IT solutions and satellite TV and Cable TV for over 10 years.

We sell and service across Maldives, we design, build & service systems for Hotels, Government, Motels, Hospitals, Resorts, Private properties. Basically, anywhere a private Total solution or Satellite TV system is needed.
Our staff is also interested and experienced in other types of electronics. We work with many types of TV distribution systems, wireless Internet systems, surveillance, home theaters, and security systems. When you own your own system, it is 100% guarantee to save money, provide superior picture quality and incorporate additional features such as HD channels, character generator information channels and surveillance cameras if you require these solutions.

SatLink Pvt Ltd serves a wide range of clients, who vary in culture, industry, and requirements. The scope of our service offerings is large enough to meet the needs of industries and markets across the country, and we can leverage people and technical resources for our clients. We understand issues that clients around the world encounter. Our solutions do more than meet requirements - we make it our job to determine how issues such as e-commerce, cross-border regulation, deregulation, globalization, consolidation, and global economics might affect our clients. We use this unique insight to develop and offer creative solutions to our clients that anticipate their needs.

Our company PHILOSOPHY is to create innovations that enhance and make work simpler, more efficient and eventually more productive.

SatLink is in business for one reason: to help its clients succeed. SatLink Pvt Ltd have staked its future on helping clients understand and manage the complexities of the digital economy. We help client businesses transform while they are up and running. To maintain our focus, we embrace the actions and beliefs represented in our vision statement:

SatLink has several ways of ensuring that our clients achieve superior value.  SatLink approaches each solution with the insight, technical expertise, and business process understanding to ensure a strategic solution. SatLink’ experience with business process management and information technology solutions and our forward-thinking attitude enable us to help clients respond to current challenges as well as plan for future needs.

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  • MikroTik
  • Cisco